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Brioche Bread

Our gluten-free brioche products combine inspiration from traditional French brioche recipes with Rudi’s long history of creating delicious gluten-free products. The result is a smooth, soft texture with a hint of sweetness that we’re sure you’ll love.

*Currently only available in Colorado.

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dairy free • gluten-free


Water, tapioca starch, rice flour, cane sugar, oat hull fiber, potato starch, psyllium husk, yeast, canola oil, glycerin, cornmeal, rice starch, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, cornstarch, sea salt, methyl cellulose gum, sodium propionate (preservative), carboxymethyl cellulose, sorbic acid (preservative), distilled white vinegar, natural flavor, natural vanilla flavor, beta carotene (color), xanthan gum, calcium sulfate, enzymes.


The most accurate information is always on the label on the actual product. We periodically update our labels based on new nutritional analysis to verify natural variations from crop to crop and at times formula revisions. For absolute values, the actual label on the product at hand should be relied on.