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Gluten Free Egg & Cheese Frittata with Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

An easy and delicious breakfast or snack in a pinch, start your day off right with a fluffy egg and cheddar cheese frittata with savory sausage served on Rudi’s soft Gluten Free Brioche Bun. Inspired by traditional French brioche recipes and combined with our long history of creating delicious gluten free products, the result is a smooth, soft bun we’re sure you’ll love as the accomplice to our latest and greatest Breakfast Sammies.

Gluten Free Egg & Cheese Frittata with Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Wake up to the irresistible aroma of Rudi’s Breakfast Sammies – the perfect reason to rise and shine! Free of gluten and crafted with care, these protein-packed morning delights cater to your cravings while honoring your taste buds and dietary needs. Elevate your breakfast or snack experience with Rudi’s Egg and Cheese Frittata with Bacon Sammie on a soft Gluten Free Brioche Bun. A delicious addition to your day – every day!