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Egg & Cheese Frittata with Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

With Rudi’s Breakfast Sandwiches on the horizon, you won’t be hitting snooze to start the day. An easy and delicious breakfast or snack in a pinch, elevate your day with a fluffy egg and cheddar cheese frittata, and savory sausage all served on Rudi’s Sourdough English Muffin. Made just like you would at home, but ready in minutes, without the dirty dishes!

Egg & Cheese Frittata with Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Start your mornings with a mouthwatering delight from Rudi’s – the Egg and Cheese Frittata with Bacon Breakfast Sandwich! Dive into a savory symphony of flavors as fluffy eggs and cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, and our Sourdough English Muffin unite to create the ultimate breakfast experience. Crafted with care and quality ingredients, just like you would make it at home, each bite promises a perfect balance of protein and deliciousness.