General Questions

What does the term ‘Organic’ mean?

Organic is the term used to describe products that contain ingredients that are grown and processed without the use of synthetic fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides. Organic farming also prohibits the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), pesticides, chemicals, irradiation or artificial preservatives.

Do Rudi’s breads carry the USDA seal for organic products?
What makes Rudi’s Organic breads the right choice for my family?
Are your new organic products non-GMO?

Product Details

Regarding allergies, do any of Rudi’s breads contain peanuts, peanut oil or tree nuts of any kind?
Do Rudi’s Organic products contain eggs or dairy?
Does Rudi’s Organic Bakery use hydrogenated oil?
I found a hole in my loaf of bread – why are there sometimes holes in the bread?
Are Rudi’s breads kosher?
Are Rudi’s breads vegan?
What is the shelf life on Rudi’s Organic breads?
Should I refrigerate my bread?
What is spelt?
What is sprouted bread and does Rudi’s Organic Bakery have a sprouted bread?
Why do you have flax in your 7 Grain with Flax bread? Are there health benefits to eating flax?
I’ve read that Rudi’s breads contain NO trans fats. Why is that important?
Why is the shelf life of Rudi’s breads shorter than most non-organic breads?
Where do the natural enzymes in Rudi’s breads come from?
What is the difference between white spelt and whole spelt?
Is the organic high oleic sunflower oil used in Rudi’s products refined or cold pressed? Why?


Can I order directly from you and if not, where can I get it in my area?
What if I don’t find a store near me?